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Celebrating 1 year anniversary and announcing English edition

Hooray - 1 year Mis geen talent

So proud to celebrate the one year anniversary of our book about #TotalTalentManagement (#TTM) ánd the completion of our second Strategic TTM Program Plan inspired by the book.

Even after all the incredible changes the covid-crisis caused, one element did not change. Talent is still the main driver for business success. The time is now for organizations to prepare and not miss out on talent in the post-corona era. The book ‘Mis geen talent’ is a practical guideline on how to embrace the flexible, extended workforce and turn it into a strategic asset.

During the past year many people have asked us for the English version of the book. The topic of TTM has become an even more international opportunity through corona and Work From Anywhere resulting TTM in becoming a necessity for organizations not to miss out on any scarce talent. So hereby we are happy to announce that we will work on an updated and English version of our book ‘Don’t miss any talent’.

To celebrate this 1st anniversary we offer 10 free copies of ‘Mis geen talent’ (in Dutch). Interested in supporting the English edition of the book, just send us a message